Brewin on “Bad Faith”

Kester Brewin considers Sarte’s description of “bad faith.” Moving to either facticity or transcendence fails to grasp Jesus critique. Go to this post and Brewin has all four posts linked together.… Continue reading

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Pitts on “Why Believe in God?”

You could say I pound the table for Leonard Pitts, Jr. It is not that I always agree with him. But, it is that he is always thoughtful. Leonard offers these thoughts in a recent column,

”Well, not you per se,” I admitted. ‘It’s about this atheist group,

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Framing Our Own Story – Hazel “Unscripted”

Shopping for just the right frame can be exacting. Patty possesses the knack for putting a photo, painting or print in just the right frame. Recently she framed a print we purchased from a small gallery in Creede, CO to hang in my office. Had I picked the frame, … Continue reading

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Conflating Purposes And Emphasizing the Wrong Syllable

Learning Greek in college presented the first occasion to take great care when noting the accent. I mean Foxworthy has made a mint “funnin'” people living in “Redneck” states and how they pay little attention to accent – yes and that includes Oklahoma. The emphasis on the accent was … Continue reading

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Finding Normal Against the Backdrop of Incidentalomas

Watchman Nee wrote only one person on earth lived the “normal Christian life.” Many would not quibble with Nee except to note Jesus’ divinity and unique relationship with God certainly “bound” him to the very life lived. Nee as much as affirms the same when he wrote,

What is

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