Conflating Purposes And Emphasizing the Wrong Syllable

Learning Greek in college presented the first occasion to take great care when noting the accent. I mean Foxworthy has made a mint “funnin'” people living in “Redneck” states and how they pay little attention to accent – yes and that includes Oklahoma. The emphasis on the accent was also interesting for a “dead” language. We would not be speaking the language but rather reading and translating.

It could be argued that one of the places where we have misplaced the accent regards the practice, or lack of practicing, our faith. Attempting to articulate this often results in confusion. Too often a person asserting the practice of faith either along side or in preference to precise doctrinal articulations incurs a derogatory label. Such is often the case with Jim Wallis. He makes some uneasy being so strident to engage politics, especially when suggesting we have conflated patriotism with faith. That is by all accounts, un-American and un-Christian.

As with a number of my friends who face regular bouts with misrepresentation, it is always good to read clear statements. We would do well to let them stand. Those looking for an argument will parse even the most clear piece. That, I suppose is our plight from time to time. Click over and read why justice is important to Jim Wallis and Sojourners. Here’s hoping you find something to challenge those times when you emphasize the wrong syllable. If not, you may try here. Stop back by and let’s hear what you think.

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2 comments on “Conflating Purposes And Emphasizing the Wrong Syllable

  1. Brian says:

    I’m very confused about what point you are trying to make. I do not mean this in a belittling way, this is simply an honest request for clarification. Thanks!

  2. Todd Littleton says:

    I read Jim’s piece and thought how often our patriotism trumps the practice of our faith. On the matters Jim discusses in the two linked posts, he points to a very conservative position on particular issues and sees them applied in ways that may call into question certain things the main stream of Evangelicalism is mum on. For example, the ethics of torture. Is there such a thing as ethical torture?

    On a second point, I have heard too many misrepresented as resurrecting the “liberal project” when it comes to issues of justice. Reading the words of those criticized often reveals more about the critic’s “sound biting” to prove a point otherwise difficult when reading the primary source material.

    Hope this helps. Glad you stopped by.

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