So I Went Golfing or, Practice Is Necessary

Blogging often reflects life. The ebbs and flows of consistent writing tend to depend on the schedule. Some weeks there is ample time to craft a post. Other weeks it seems a post is a passing thought.


Last week I found myself in Orlando. Some friends invited me … Continue reading

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A Truly Human Response Creating a New Humanity

On our way home this weekend I picked up a small book. The Introduction was written by now Archbishop Desmond Tutu Emeritus. The title of his introduction is, “I diminish you, I diminish myself.” He wrote with poignant reflection on life before the emerging new South Africa. He shared … Continue reading

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Conflating Purposes And Emphasizing the Wrong Syllable

Learning Greek in college presented the first occasion to take great care when noting the accent. I mean Foxworthy has made a mint “funnin'” people living in “Redneck” states and how they pay little attention to accent – yes and that includes Oklahoma. The emphasis on the accent was … Continue reading

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