Friday Photo Special – Dedication

One week ago today (Friday) my Dad retired for the second, and what could be argued the third, time. For some 45 years he has worked in the electric utility industry. He worked for Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. for 31 years when a re-organization chart did not contain … Continue reading

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Family Celebrations

The Blizzard of 09 here in Oklahoma kept us cold, digging out, and spending some time together sans Internet. It is not that we did not have access, but when you find yourself with extra time to spend together, surfing the net is not near as fun as movies … Continue reading

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Friday Phto – on Saturday

Everyone has a different name for their grandmother. Our is “Nanny.” To her grandchildren it is “GG.” She celebrated her 95th Christmas (94 yrs old). We consider it a privilege to still be celebrating with her.

One of our family traditions is drawing names for ornaments. We then purchase … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Better Late than Never

regandlicenseI needed to register to perform the wedding and Tommie and Jason, of course, needed a “marriage license.” This was one of many “Friday Photo” ops for the “wedding weekend.” (Patty took this photo.)… Continue reading

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