Quick Update – Silent for a Short Season

We spent Thursday through Sunday at Eureka Springs, AR. Our youngest daughter married on Friday afternoon. I hope to have some photos up soon. Since I “officiated” the ceremony I will be getting some photos from others. Jason Milam served as our official photographer. We looked through the “first” … Continue reading

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Gaining a Son

My Dad took me aside late on Christmas Day and told me when he and my Mom had we three boys he knew one day he would “get” three girls. He did. On Christmas Day we learned we would “get” our second “boy.”… Continue reading

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The Second Hug :(

I knew the day would soon come. It had to. It has happened before. And it should.

Tommie’s boyfriend, Jason, works for Mid America Christian University. He travels on occasion. Along with a trip to his family’s home for Thanksgiving, he also made a convention in Columbia. His plane … Continue reading

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A Few Days in Wylie

One year ago Trent, Sandra and their two girls moved to Wylie, Texas from Waterloo, Iowa. The difference in driving is significant. I remember when Trent was contemplating the transfer to Dallas. He called and asked, “If we move to Dallas will you come see us?” It was tongue … Continue reading

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Over the top …

As far back as I can remember our family took a vacation just outside Branson, MO. Those were the days when you could drive through town in a few minutes. The Baldknobbers and maybe the Presley’s served as the only shows in town. That was the early 1960’s.

My … Continue reading

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