The Baby Will Be . . .

For weeks, 13 to be exact if you begin from when we found out Tommie and Jason were pregnant, we have wondered about our next grandchild. Will we have another grandson or will we have our first granddaughter? Healthy is our priority. But curiosity does leave a person wondering.

Yesterday we went with Tommie and Jason to their sonogram appointment. We watched as the sonographer measured the yet-to-be-born baby’s most important features. We observed the steady beating heart. We witnessed the development of the brain, legs, hands, feet, and spine. These were all important. But, the question on everyone’s mind evidenced by either wearing a bow or a mustache was, “Boy or girl?”

We did not realize we would be sworn to secrecy until this evening. Jason and Tommie planned a “reveal” party for some friends. We would have to wait to tell until then. I felt like John the Baptists, though I was not mute. How many times did I want to “Tweet” it or post the news to Facebook. Plenty.

Now I am free to tell – we will be the proud grandparents of a baby . . . boy! Max is to arrive in January. He meets all the requirements of being nearly 20 weeks along. Grammy has already made a gift and presented it by the time you read this.

Looking forward!

Friday Photo – “Vote for Me!” – Cohen Alan

On his First Birthday Whistle Stop Tour the balloons were out and his constituency was on hand. Rallying the crowds with smiles, laughter, and the reception of his first kickbacks (read, gifts), Cohen had those on hand hanging on his every expression.

What fun we had Tuesday evening. After an early entrance and a month in the NICU, we celebrated Cohen Alan’s First Birthday. Technically he is 12/10. But, you don’t count from when they should have arrived. After all only the birth by doctors assistance is any baby ever on schedule. They are either early or late.

We enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot links. Gran Gran’s potato salad was a great compliment. And, we had two cakes courtesy of Johnnie’s Bakery – a “smash cake” and a Spiderman Cake. We do think he is quite “super.”

Who would not vote for this face?

Enjoy! We do. Read More

“Hold Me Momma” – Cohen Alan

“Will he break?” I remember one of the nurses telling us how easy it is to fear preemies might break. She went on to suggest that they are very limber so when putting on that very little diaper one would not break his little leg. I tell you in those very early days, not that we are not still in his very early days, we did wonder just how to “handle” that little boy.

The problem was, we could not “handle” him. We could get into the “isolette” (the more proper word than “box”) through the portholes but that is hardly “handling.” Now we are in day 17 and not only may we touch him through the porthole, Craig and Kimberly can hold him. This week’s weekly video is taken from Tuesday of this week; my day in Cohen’s Office as I like to refer to it.

Cohen Alan has gained back what he had lost in those first days and then some. We are looking forward to the 4 lb. mark when they will take him out of the isolette. He does not have any IV’s at present and they may take the PICC line out tomorrow. As always, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We are all looking forward to the day when we can “handle” him.

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Look Ma! Clothes – Cohen Alan

Toddler parents often talk about the difficulty keeping their little ones in clothes. We remember that but will spare our now grown daughters those embarrassing tales – if there are any to tell.

Kimberly sent me this photo taken with her cell phone, or maybe my mom’s cell phone sent to Kimberly’s. Things change frequently and rapidly with our little preemie. He now weighs over 3 lbs. (3 lbs. 2 oz to be exact.). Nurses and doctors conferred and aside from increasing his “feeds,” amount not number, they will begin the process to move him out of the “box” (read, incubator). That means clothes!

We hope he maintains his body temperature. If he does then soon he will move up to the next “bed” for preemies. He is on is way. A few more goals to make and then they will look toward home. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Cohen Alan Called Me Into Work This Afternoon

I had not been up to see Cohen since Tuesday evening. He gave me the night off last night and so we helped care for others in our community. John and his family found a home on the south side of OKC and needed not just some food but some boxes as well. Joey needed some hours for a personal project and we helped him with some of those. Carl hoped he had landed a job. (Learned he did today!) Others needed counseling, prayer, clothes, and a friendly smile.

Even at that, I missed seeing Cohen yesterday. So, in fine nutty grandpa fashion, here is a photo from a couple of days ago. I am using my iPad so the photos and video I took this afternoon will show up later, or sooner, or sooner than later. Surely now you know I am a bit off – if you had not already figured that out.

Enjoy. (It seems the photo will come later. Having trouble getting the photo to load from here. Will give you a reason to check back later tonight or in the morning.)