Friday Photo – Halona Blow Hole

One of the amazing sights on Oahu is the Halona Blow Hole. The natural wonder is part of the coastal lava rock formations on the island’s southeast side. We came upon the scenic lookout as we drove on the Kalanianole Highway. The first photo captures the initial water spout not unlike what one witnesses from a whale. The second photo captures the rush of water as it fills the rock formation producing quite the water show.

Another feature of the photos is the contrasting blues in the waters off the island. While we were taking in the scenery we spotted a Green Turtle bobbing in the waves. I did not have my long lens with me to capture the turtle but it was quite fun to watch the turtle negotiate the crashing waves.

Enjoy! We did.

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Weekly Video – More Troy Fernandez in Waikiki

Troy Fernandez - August 2011

The 100° days keep rolling here in central Oklahoma. All the more reason to still be thinking about our recent trip to Hawaii. Intrigued by the “guy” playing the ukulele on the streets of Waikiki I searched You Tube too discover the street artist is Troy Fernandez. In this week’s weekly video Troy is playing the first song we heard him playing when we discovered him outside the International Market Place, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

I feel cooler just listening. Soon I hope to hear Trent playing this well.


We did.

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Friday Photo – “It Can Be Done”

“It can be done.” Paul reflected on our parents 50 years together noting that a life-long commitment can be achieved. There are times where our relationships require more work than others. A reality I wished I could help young married couples and soon-to-be-married couples realize. Couples don’t make 50 years with ease.

In 1986 our maternal grandparents – Big Pa and Nan – took their children to Hawaii for their 50th wedding anniversary. For years my mother has maintained that one day they too would take we three boys and our wives – her daughters and she likes to refer to them.

Last Tuesday we boarded a “big bird” and took flight to Oahu. We stayed in a hotel just off Waikiki Beach for four nights and then headed north to Turtle Bay Resort for three nights. On the evening of our last night we found a secluded spot on a beach and shared in a “renewal of vows” ceremony for Dad and Mom. Not hard to do with two pastors and a musician.

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