Fury at the Crossroads or, War Makes Us Machines

Did David Ayer consider that his script and movie would offer an underlying critique of the current war on Terror? Sure, it is not the first thing about which you think when Fury presents viewers with a variety of crossroads. But, Wardaddy, Brad Pitt, offers one way this gets communicated, “Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.” Read More

Those Were The Days – Mark Anthony Cruz

Many of you remember that student rock-n-roll band from your high school. Oh the memories. We had a couple of brothers who could play and play well. In fact, I do not know two better guitar players than the Cruz brothers – Edgar and Mark. Mark and I graduated from Northwest Classen many moons ago. All these years later they may still play classic rock but they are exquisite on the classical guitar. Mark posted this video on his Facebook wall. Of course, I had to share. And, say, “I know that guy!”

Propaganda, “Rap On” or, Value Other Voices

My ears are old. I confess that when it comes to music I am often stuck in a time warp. My time spent listening to music in those adolescent and teenage years seem decades ago. Indeed they are. But, I still like music from the late 60’s and 70’s. I paid some attention in the early 80’s but I never could be construed as an aficionado.

So, when rap, hip-hop, and now spoken word emerged I confess to a bit of disorientation. I tried to listen. But, it never really caught on with me. I do brand myself an eclectic music lover but generally I do have a couple of glaring omissions that shrink its breadth.

In recent years I have kept an eye on Steve McCoy. Well, on his blog. I enjoy his wide interest in music and his suggestions have rarely disappointed me. I have even noticed him pointing to some of the music from my favorite era on occasion.

Recently Steve called on some to weigh in on a musical artist I had not heard of and whose genre is noticeably absent from my iPod. I don’t fit Steve McCoy’s appeal group. Not prominent. Not a dean. Not an entity head. Read More

Writing Music – Sigur Ros

I enjoy writing to Sigur Ros’. Some may find it distracting. Here is a video from their recent release. The English title is, “Moving Art.”

She’s Got Talent . . . Sayra Comes By It Honest

Recently Sayra, Rusty’s daughter, participated in the Southmoore High School Talent Contest. Rusty is our Music Minister at Snow Hill. Talented. He has an incredible tenor voice and a range to match. Sayra participates each week as part of our Worship Team. She’s got talent. Enjoy.