No debating The Great Debaters

Preparing for a wedding ceremony last week gave me cause to consider the differing ways people connect with media. The young couple selected a couple of musical pieces from one of my favorite groups, Coldplay. Wanting to understand the connection I spent time listening, reading lyrics and locating any … Continue reading

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Storytelling … An Evening of Music

garyjulesposter0707.jpg style=

A few years ago after watching “Donnie Darko,” I ventured out to find Gary Jules CD with the song, “Mad World.” I finally found it at a local music store which sold used CD’s. A number of songs on that CD reveal quite the story teller. Rob Davis and … Continue reading

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Singing during worship in an iPod world …

Radio"All we will do in heaven is sing praises." And for the tonally challenged you can count on a new voice with "perfect pitch." No Simon Cowell to tell you just how "pitchy" you are. While I am convinced we will be doing much more than singing in heaven, … Continue reading

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