Lyle’s Own Cultural Creative

Online “tests” revealing traits, characteristics, or “who you are like,” run the gamut. Lyle took one of these quizzes. He was surprised to score as a “Cultural Creative.” Lyle wrote,

This is how I scored, somewhat surprising to me actually.

The one thing I think he rightly pointed out, as with all of these kinds of time stealers, ” . . . it may be fairly reflective of my views ……. today.”

One of the characteristics this little test highlighted was a belief in something beyond the rational. I read that as something transcendent, beyond ourselves. This is really not the place to attempt waxing philosophical. But, it is the place to point out in what ways we can surely agree there is something beyond ourselves.

In less than two hours, Nathan will begin playing his first set in Tuttle, America. He has played there before. But, he will play today on the 5 year anniversary of the loss of his Dad. Read More

Lyle’s Favorite Band – U2

I remember when I had hair like Lyle in this photo. Natalie wondered how “BALD” Lyle would be today. Not sure. But, we can sure reminisce about how much hair we had “back in the day.”

One of the features here at The Edge of the Inside is a weekly video in the right sidebar. This month I have been featuring one of Lyle’s favorite bands – if not his favorite – U2.

In October of 2009 we went to the U2 360 Tour. I imagine Lyle would have enjoyed it, even the Black Eyed Peas. I recall Lyle getting a copy of U2’s Vertigo Tour. Here is a post from Lyle after watching U2.


U2 a religious experience?

I have enjoyed listening to U2 for as long as I can remember. I guess I am a little late in buying into the idea that their music is some form of worship. I watched a free concert of sorts a few months ago, it was entertaining, sort of in a documentary fashion. Read More

Sleeping At Last – Snow

Some of the best music I enjoy was discovered on Noisetrade. Recently I was looking for  some Christmas music and someone, sorry cannot recall who, pointed me to Sleeping At Last. I received and email from Sleeping At Last about a video produced to go with their Christmas song, “Snow.” You may watch the video in the sidebar. Get the music you will enjoy.

Talking On What We Don’t Know About

My recent post on “The Church as Benevolent Slave Girl” garnered some interesting responses here and elsewhere. I could not help but think of one critique that referred to the way in which we sometimes talk about the Sacred Text in a way that betrays our confidence we know what we are talking about. This week’s weekly video offers The Avett Brothers “10,000 Words.” The line that grabbed my attention in light of these recent interactions, “We love to talk on things we don’t know about.”

You can find the weekly video in the first right sidebar. Enjoy.