Childhood Summer from Sara Groves’ Invisible Empires

We enjoyed our annual Fall Festival at Snow Hill yesterday. Watching the children play games, enjoy food, and receive candy reminded me of Sara Groves’ new CD, Invisible Empires. Sara and Troy walk through the songs in a “Director’s Cut” edition. Eugene Peterson figures prominently as inspirational muse.

Our staff is currently reading Peterson’s, The Pastor: A Memoir. The early chapters lead the reader to understand the creative impulse that marks The Message and other of Peterson’s books. I thought of this when I saw a costume one of our youth wore yesterday. Tyler wore a “chick magnet.” Read More

Art, the Image of God, and Bill Mallonee

A couple of weeks ago I helped remember a gentleman in our church. He was quite the musician. His son remembered calling his Dad’s house to see how he and his Mom were doing and he could hardly hear of the Bluegrass being played in the background.

One of the oft perplexing questions turns on what it means to be made “in the image of God.” One of the emphases coming out of the Enlightenment was human rationality. Reason became the “mark” of distinction between humans and all other creation. Though we may resemble an illustration of Pavlov’s Dog – witness an Apple announcement of a new iPhone and sales and new contracts set records.

Thinking of Smitty and how to celebrate his life, I could not help but think that human creativity surely derives from a creative Creator. Read More

Weekly Video – More Troy Fernandez in Waikiki

Troy Fernandez - August 2011

The 100° days keep rolling here in central Oklahoma. All the more reason to still be thinking about our recent trip to Hawaii. Intrigued by the “guy” playing the ukulele on the streets of Waikiki I searched You Tube too discover the street artist is Troy Fernandez. In this week’s weekly video Troy is playing the first song we heard him playing when we discovered him outside the International Market Place, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

I feel cooler just listening. Soon I hope to hear Trent playing this well.


We did.

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Now That’s Not Tiny Tim

Growing up I heard Tiny Tim play “ Toe Through the Tulips” on television. Maybe it was on Rowin and Martin’s Laugh In. Yes, for some that will signal my age. The high pitched “tinny” voice accompanied by the odd sounding ukulele was something of a novelty.

On our recent trip to Honolulu for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, we walked along Kalakalua Avenue. Street artists of all types lined the street. We happened upon this musical artist playing an amped Ukelele near the International Market Place. Just before I videoed him playing a rendition of “Hotel California” he had just finished singing a cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” This wasn’t Tiny Tim’s ukelele.

Enjoy – we did.

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Come All You Weary – Weekly Video

The only miracle common to all four Gospel writers is the feeding of the crowd with five loaves of bread and two fishes. Could it be that it was also miraculous that a teacher of Jesus popularity took the occasion to feed a people without expectation there would be kudos in return?

We read of what has been referred to as the “brinkmanship” in Washington over the Debt Crisis. Politicians are making decisions under the pressure of reciprocity. Beholden to a party or an empty ideology, who will suffer most under the weight of governmental failure? That’s right, those who always suffer when the preservation of power is the undercurrent.

Jesus fed the crowd. He expected nothing. No votes. No kickbacks. Nothing. The only thing he did seem to expect is that those who followed him to participate in the very act of feeding without expecting anything in return. May it be so of we who follow Jesus today.

Those who are weary may come. Check out the Thrice video in the right sidebar.