Come All You Weary – Weekly Video

The only miracle common to all four Gospel writers is the feeding of the crowd with five loaves of bread and two fishes. Could it be that it was also miraculous that a teacher of Jesus popularity took the occasion to feed a people without expectation there would be kudos in return?

We read of what has been referred to as the “brinkmanship” in Washington over the Debt Crisis. Politicians are making decisions under the pressure of reciprocity. Beholden to a party or an empty ideology, who will suffer most under the weight of governmental failure? That’s right, those who always suffer when the preservation of power is the undercurrent.

Jesus fed the crowd. He expected nothing. No votes. No kickbacks. Nothing. The only thing he did seem to expect is that those who followed him to participate in the very act of feeding without expecting anything in return. May it be so of we who follow Jesus today.

Those who are weary may come. Check out the Thrice video in the right sidebar.

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