Lyle’s Favorite Band – U2

I remember when I had hair like Lyle in this photo. Natalie wondered how “BALD” Lyle would be today. Not sure. But, we can sure reminisce about how much hair we had “back in the day.”

One of the features here at The Edge of the Inside is a weekly video in the right sidebar. This month I have been featuring one of Lyle’s favorite bands – if not his favorite – U2.

In October of 2009 we went to the U2 360 Tour. I imagine Lyle would have enjoyed it, even the Black Eyed Peas. I recall Lyle getting a copy of U2’s Vertigo Tour. Here is a post from Lyle after watching U2.


U2 a religious experience?

I have enjoyed listening to U2 for as long as I can remember. I guess I am a little late in buying into the idea that their music is some form of worship. I watched a free concert of sorts a few months ago, it was entertaining, sort of in a documentary fashion.

Tonight I watched a concert they did in Chicago this year. Just the band doing numbers, shot like you were in the crowd. I have to say that I was more than entertained. In fact a word like convicted comes to mind. I was actually moved, as were some of the guys watching it with me. There is no doubt that their music is a cry to God and humanity to live as God intended us to live. Thanks to tivo I can watch it again, give me a call and we’ll watch………….worship together.

Check out the link below for more background on U2 if your like me and slow to see the prophetic nature of their art:

U2 and God


(The link in Lyle’s post is no longer accessible.)

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