Weird Moby May Well “Get It” …

I found Moby’s Christmas message after Christmas. Certainly worth thinking through. What do you think?

HT: Johnny Baker

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3 comments on “Weird Moby May Well “Get It” …

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    I became a Moby fan a few years ago when I read an article in relevant magazine about Moby and he certainly seemed to “get it” in that article. He is not what people typically want to think of when they think “christian”, but then again, who on earth would want to be that.

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    I find his simplistic approach to be refreashing, especially in this day and age of i’m right you are wrong polarized lives we live. Thank you for the link his blog is new to me.

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    Shawn, you well note getting out of the “box” is necessary for an “out of the box” world. Hopefully we can catch something of this more and more.

    Charlie, I too liked the piece and found it refreshing. I really do believe there are “third ways” between the “poles.”

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