The Ahistorical Jesus or, How the CIA Gets a Christian Pass

Two young friends suffer church leaders/members who give allegiance to an ahistorical Jesus. I am guessing those whose Jesus takes this shape did not come to their position all by themselves. In fact, I am doubting they even know it.… Continue reading

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And in other news . . .


Half a century.

Two quarter centuries.

Five decades.

That is all.

Also on This Day

Transcontinental railroad completed1869
Second Continental Congress assembles as Ticonderoga falls1775
Government gives Chrysler $1.5 billion loan,1980
Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson
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Advent Through a Marxian Lens – An Advent Mashup

(Adapted and expanded from my Shaping Us Toward Monday piece for Snow Hill.)

We sometimes read the Scriptures through the lens we have been given. For instance, most of us read Matthew 1:18-25 and use Matthews lens for reading Isaiah 7:10-17. Before long we assume Isaiah was hoping … Continue reading

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Mutually Devastating Blind Spots

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a story about a couple of teenagers. One knew his rights. The other knew his history. Interpreting actions out of these two places resulted in a near fatal mistake.

How we could all use Pitts’ advice. Maybe one day we will help one another … Continue reading

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