Mutually Devastating Blind Spots

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a story about a couple of teenagers. One knew his rights. The other knew his history. Interpreting actions out of these two places resulted in a near fatal mistake.

How we could all use Pitts’ advice. Maybe one day we will help one another with our blindspots to create a better environment rather than let our blind spots obscure our vision of a better way.

There are many tangents to chase when considering Christians, culture and the world we live in. What are your thoughts?

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1 comment on “Mutually Devastating Blind Spots

  1. Paul says:

    That’s a sad tragedy. It reminds me of the comment that fish do not really realize what water is until they are out of it. In the same way I think people are generally blind to their own cultural biases unless and until they can be removed from them. Problem is we’re like that fish. We don’t want to be removed from our familiar surroundings. We’re afraid it would kill us.

    There’s not an easy solution, in my opinion. Peter Block says that we should not underestimate the passion with which people will hold on to their beloved ideas and the difficulty in changing them. Some lessons, it appears, must simply be learned the hard way.

    I wish I were more optimistic.

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