Leonard Pitts Jr

What Separates Pastor Jones and (Insert Your Preferred Extremist)?

My favorite op-ed columnist strikes again. Leonard Pitts Jr. weighs in on the impending bonfire in Florida. Some have “Tweeted” Pastor Terry Jones will be praying about halting the now high profile church event. Let’s just say the horse is out of the gate. Widespread reactions point to … Continue reading

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Pitts’ Requiem and the NICU

Often in the midst of facing your own mortality, or the prospect of what might be with one you love, a community develops out of common or shared experience. Over the eight days we have been to the NICU at OU’s Children’s Hospital we find ourselves with more than … Continue reading

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God is Not Your Personal Echo Chamber in the Sky

Another reason why I continue to read Leonard Pitts Jr.

“The point is not that he or we can do what Martin Luther King did or be who Mother Teresa was — we all suffer in that comparison. No, the point is that truest faith is not seen

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Mutually Devastating Blind Spots

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a story about a couple of teenagers. One knew his rights. The other knew his history. Interpreting actions out of these two places resulted in a near fatal mistake.

How we could all use Pitts’ advice. Maybe one day we will help one another … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Celebrity Culture – Subtleties for the Church

I like Leonard Pitts Jr. The Oklahoman carries a piece by him every once in a while. I include his articles in my Bloglines subscriptions.

Pitts, in a recent piece, cites the interesting conflation of the celebrity and the notorious. The impetus for his ruminations – Milorad ”Rod” … Continue reading

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