The Dangers of Celebrity Culture – Subtleties for the Church

I like Leonard Pitts Jr. The Oklahoman carries a piece by him every once in a while. I include his articles in my Bloglines subscriptions.

Pitts, in a recent piece, cites the interesting conflation of the celebrity and the notorious. The impetus for his ruminations – Milorad ”Rod” Blagojevich. Seems the now the infamous is looking for more fame on some pseudo reality show for former celebrities. Except, as Pitts points out, just when was Blagojevich a celebrity?

The notion of a celebrity culture turn celebrators of the notorious set me to thinking about the Church. Our history is rife with those whose ethics turned out to be contradictory to the way of Jesus and yet to hear it told we overlook that for their great service. My haunting thought, “Just what was served.” People committing the same sorts of stuff would be relegated to the dung heap of the fallen. No so for the religious, even denominational, celebrity. We have this uncanny sense of the loyal that forbids us to hold the once highly exalted to the very standard they themselves created.

This reminds me of our penchant to win a voice by teh same rules.

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