You Won’t Hear Pastor Pedro from the Big Stage

More than 30 years ago, before Southern Baptists discovered Church Planting Movements, CPM’s, and adopted the same for a growth strategy, Pastor Pedro began planting churches. He traveled by foot. He planted thirty-four churches in thirty-two years.

We stopped to meet Pastor Pedro. His son-in-law helped with our translation … Continue reading

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Who Is Looking At You? Mashup of Rollins, Dash and Ward

They said there would be weeks like this. Out of the gate it is busy. I am heading up for a doctor’s appointment for Cohen. Hopefully just verifying he has a “preemie” tummy and nothing more. Both of his parents had tummy trouble as infants so we are thinking … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Celebrity Culture – Subtleties for the Church

I like Leonard Pitts Jr. The Oklahoman carries a piece by him every once in a while. I include his articles in my Bloglines subscriptions.

Pitts, in a recent piece, cites the interesting conflation of the celebrity and the notorious. The impetus for his ruminations – Milorad ”Rod” … Continue reading

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