Who Is Looking At You? Mashup of Rollins, Dash and Ward

They said there would be weeks like this. Out of the gate it is busy. I am heading up for a doctor’s appointment for Cohen. Hopefully just verifying he has a “preemie” tummy and nothing more. Both of his parents had tummy trouble as infants so we are thinking this is the case. But, we better be sure. Then I am heading over to the BGCO Pastor’s Conference and Annual Meeting in Shawnee. It will be somewhat nostalgic being on the OBU campus. I missed Homecoming this past weekend – #25 for me. So, I will reminisce while there. I hope to catch up with Friar Tim while in Shawnee. More going on tomorrow and the remainder of the week.

However, I wanted to offer a mashup of some recent reading I had done. Here are the links. Read them and see how you think I may have mashed them up. I hope to put something together, time permitting, later in the week. We will see who got closest. If it is you, there may be a “prize” in the offing.

I Am A Monster – Peter Rollins

The Beauty of Ordinary Pastors and Churches – Darryl Dash

Gods Behaving Badly:  Celebrity as a “Kind of Religion” – Pete Ward


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