How do you coach pastors who clamor for time you do not have? You create a webcast and exchange phone conversations for a webcam and a chat box and call it The Exchange with Ed Stetzer. I recall reading Ed‘s apologetic Tweet saying it is impossible to respond to all Tweets. Then he faced the dilemma of the maxed out Facebook Friend relationships. To Fan Page or not Fan Page that was the question. Technically the Ed Stetzer Fan Page was created by someone at Lifeway so Ed did not really have to say he created the alternative social media avenue to accommodate his rising cause celeb. After all, he has really chided “fan boys” who hoist their favored pastor celebrity while becoming quite the uber celebrity himself.

Many may not know what to do with such an ever increasing platform that transcends his denominational affiliation of choice. But, Ed does. And, while this is not the best medium for cultivating a personal coaching relationship, Ed will cover a broad sweep of topics. He likely will discover too many different subjects for a 30 minute spot attempting to integrate questions from the chat box.  One thing is for sure, Ed loves the Church in all its forms. His interest in cultivating relationships across the denominational spectrum gets him in hot water with certain of his friends. I am sure he feels like he has been hit by friendly fire more than once. But, for the cause of the mission of God and the central plot of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus communicated through the Church Ed will take the hits.

Few of people employed by a denominational entity enjoy the deep connection with a local church. Often the job description prohibits long term Interims. Many eschew them anyway preferring to jet travel the country preaching at the larger churches. Ed finished a long-term Interim recently in the Nashville area and has now entered a relationship with Two Rivers. These occasions keep Ed grounded in and to the local church for which he is an advocate. In that way, Ed gets missional above all other nuances – it is about the church.

Here is a video I believe Ed would resonate with.


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