Where In the World is Ed Stetzer?

If you follow Ed on Facebook or Twitter then you know he has been in Europe. You may have read his blog and discovered the three posts on his recent travels. Last February I joined Ed and several other pastors on a similar trip to Barcelona. My way of thinking about missions continues to morph as I keep up with Ernest Goodman. I am glad Ed continues to take these trips and invites pastors along for the journey.

In his second post Ed notes the needs for team members in Budapest, Hungary. He sets it up by saying Hungarians are incredibly intellectual considering Christianity for the uneducated. Ed lists the needs,

1. In the arts. Someone who can speak the arts language and engage that culture.
2. In the business world. Someone with and MBA and business sense to create a business consulting firm.
3. In the university. The university is the magnet for the country– the ground is ready to be tilled and worked in student ministry.

I could not help but thinking about a phone conversation with David Fitch wherein he outlined one of the reasons for his recent course, “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology.” David considers familiarity and understanding with postmodern theory, philosophy, and theology to be key in reaching Europe and the ever post-modern, post-post-modern, post-Christian USAmerica. You should read David early and often at Reclaiming the Mission.

Again, take a look at Ed’s post. Send him a note telling he not only did a good job with the videos, but that he looks good in them too! Here is one worth noting here.

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