(His) Cancer Is Funny: An Interview with Jason Micheli

Danish comedian Victor Borge is credited with observing, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”┬áJason Micheli must surely be Borge’s prodigy. Though Micheli lives in Alexandria, VA, his humor in writing and in conversations over Skype have brought him very near me here in Fly Over Country. Read More

Cancer and Tamed Cynic or, Jason Goes On the Offensive

I don’t know if he has a face for radio, but he has a voice for preaching. It was the voice I heard on a podcast some time back that caught my attention. His words did not hurt either. But it was the voice. Read More

BCS Whining

Logic can be a great ally and also a deadly foil. Head to head Texas beat OU. Head to Head Texas Tech beat Texas. Head to Head OU beat Texas Tech. Oklahoma State took Texas to late in the game and came up short in Austin 28-24. OU bested Oklahoma State in Stillwater by multiples of 4. Florida lost to an unranked team. Neutral sites. Home sites. Common opponents. Point differentials. Rules are rules. Sometimes they give you the nod, other times you get left out.

Jeremy sent me the following he found on the subject,

US Ranked 4th

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Financial Crisis to be Averted!

Breaking news – My friend Jordon Cooper has suspended all twittering and blogging so he can leave Saskatoon for Washington to focus on the financial crisis.