Jason Marshell

Look Who Is 2!

Two years ago this evening we were waiting. Regular reports let us in on how much longer we would have to wait. Our baby was having her first baby. Today Max turns 2! We are on our way to celebrate.

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Friday Photo – “Our Baby Is Having a Baby”

Danny Glover’s character, Sgt. Murtaugh, looks a bit off kilter. He gets the news his daughter is pregnant. With the look of disbelief he says, “My baby is having a baby.”

We learned this week that “our baby is having a baby.” Tommie reflected on her blog a few … Continue reading

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2 Years and 8 Months – A Family Mashup

No April Fools here. Two years ago today we were in Eureka Springs, AK. We took in the sites, played golf, and hung out with family. But, we were there for something more. Tommie and Jason exchanged vows, rings, and commitments to one another.

No matter how much you … Continue reading

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