Jordon Cooper

The Sharks Did Not Get Us

Stunned. A couple of weeks ago I sat waiting in my Sunday Bible Study room and felt the urge to check on one of my friends. I had not seen a Twitter update in some time and hoped he had not lost his battle with cancer.

He had. Read More

Jordon Cooper’s New Gig

Here is an illustration of living into your passion, your vocation, before settling for a job.

During those times, I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and I read some good advice that said, don’t look for a job but rather look for an organization that you want to be a part of.

In talking more and more with Tyler, I realized that rejuvenating buildings and finding people quality housing is something that I care a lot about.  There is also the excitement of being part of was is essentially a start up..  His values of affordability and heritage appeal to me.

I met Jordon and Wendy in a hotel lobby in Minneapolis more than ten years ago. That is how someone from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan meets someone from Tuttle, Oklahoma. We spent time together in Nassau six years ago. He is an inspiration.

Read about his new gig here. Then, follow his journey by keeping up with his blog.

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How To Help, Really Help, At Christmas

Yesterday I passed by a fellow ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. He said, “Merry Christmas.” I responded in kind. Those words, while expressing the sentiment of the Season as Christians, did little to help anyone. Money placed in the red kettle will go a long way to helping folks who look to the Salvation Army year round.

My friend Jordon Cooper formerly worked for the Salvation Army in Saskatoon, if I remember correctly. He now works for another agency that provides shelter and help for people living in Saskatoon. He wrote an important piece noting the ways individuals and corporations may provide help that helps.

Too often people who have never been in the circumstances people needing help face do not think about what really helps. This is not an indictment. People genuinely spurred to help simply need some guidance. I would never have thought about providing high quality razors to a shelter. But, Jordon notes that he finds it difficult to respond to “Thank you,” when he knows what he gives really will not help. And, for many of us we take a clean shave for granted – men and women.

Take the time to read Jordon’s post. It may provide the sort of guidance that will help those wanting to help really do so.

Tomorrow’s post – Christians’ Assault On Christmas

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Protecting Privilege or, Will We Work for Justice?

She had tears in her eyes. He acknowledged the need to radically re-think how we learn to view others. These are just two responses to our use of N.T. Wright‘s, Surprised by Hope, for our Sunday morning Bible Study. Collectively we wrestle with eschatological visions cast for us in our adolescence.

You know. The sort that frames justice as punishment. Classically this is represented in the social collective that points to a rendered sentence as, “Justice has been served.” I am not sure when we began to conflate punishment with justice. But, we do. In fact, we tend to skew judgement into justice and thereby make the two interchangeable. They are not.

Wright makes a point to talk about justice in different terms. He is not opposed to punishment, or so it seems. Instead, Wright wants those who read Scripture to capture how justice is understood. Justice sets wrongs right. To talk about the God’s justice is to point to the day when God will set “the world to rights.” The widow is cared for. The stranger, immigrant, is not longer treated inhumanely. The orphaned receive family. These are the prominent prophetic themes. Read More

Orcas and Great White Sharks

My friend Jordon Cooper pointed to this video with the question, “Who do you think would win?”

I could not help but think of the Naturalist we listened to talk about Orcas while on an Alaska Cruise a few years ago. This was too fascinating not to pass along. Read More