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How To Help, Really Help, At Christmas

Yesterday I passed by a fellow ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. He said, “Merry Christmas.” I responded in kind. Those words, while expressing the sentiment of the Season as Christians, did little to help anyone. Money placed in the red kettle will go a long way to helping folks who look to the Salvation Army year round.

My friend Jordon Cooper formerly worked for the Salvation Army in Saskatoon, if I remember correctly. He now works for another agency that provides shelter and help for people living in Saskatoon. He wrote an important piece noting the ways individuals and corporations may provide help that helps.

Too often people who have never been in the circumstances people needing help face do not think about what really helps. This is not an indictment. People genuinely spurred to help simply need some guidance. I would never have thought about providing high quality razors to a shelter. But, Jordon notes that he finds it difficult to respond to “Thank you,” when he knows what he gives really will not help. And, for many of us we take a clean shave for granted – men and women.

Take the time to read Jordon’s post. It may provide the sort of guidance that will help those wanting to help really do so.

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