My Women on International Women’s Day

Years ago, when our girls were small, a friend said, “All great men have two girls.” Incidentally he told me he heard it from one of our mutual friends. Naturally all three of us have two girls. Read More

Everyone Needs a Catalyst

“Dad, would you want to do a Bootcamp with me?” Nearly two years ago Tommie told me what she was thinking. I said, “Yes let’s do it.” Read More

Crocheting A Good Life – Happy Birthday Kimberly

She is a happy hooker. It took some getting used to but we accept the reality.

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Happy Birthday Kimberly

Twenty-nine years ago we took to the street. The doctor told us to go home and walk. There would be no delivery on April 24, 1985. Read More

So Like Their Mother

We are taking a field trip today. It is too cold for the zoo so we are going inside. Today we take the boys to the Mall to see Santa. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. One of these days the two little guys will be as goofy as their mothers and Grammy. They will pass by an object, like this gorilla, and think, “Let’s climb!” After all, they already climb on Grandpa Doc. I wonder who told them an old Sunday School teacher of mine always called me, “gorilla.” Anyway, we will have some fun today even if we have to bribe with the Lego Store!

"My Three Girls and the Gorilla" - Copyright 2013 Todd Littleton

“My Three Girls and the Gorilla” – Copyright 2013 Todd Littleton