Crocheting A Good Life – Happy Birthday Kimberly

She is a happy hooker. It took some getting used to but we accept the reality.

Kimberly does work late into the night . . . with crochet hooks. Some may wonder if this is to avoid a real job. The truth is it is a job that is very real.

IMG_3252Why late at night? Because at this point in life her days have been spent with Cohen. The signs that he was born eight weeks early continue to fade just like the doctors said they would. One day when he reaches heights near or above his Daddy, Craig, no one will know unless they were told the story.

Today Kimberly turns 30. We, Patty and I, are proud of the way she continues to crochet a good life with Craig and Cohen.

Kimberly taught herself how to crochet. We appreciate parents, value mentors, and cobble together lessons from experience. These are the things that make for good tools. Living is actually up to us. In that sense, we learn as we go.

Over time Kimberly has created her own patterns and made them available to others. Once we take in all the investments of others into our own life, we then turn our attention to helping create patterns for others. We may expect some trial and error but we keep refining the pattern so that others may make it their own.

Kimberly is picky about her yarn. Not just any yarn will do. We learn to choose our values and not accept anything less from ourselves.

Today Kimberly makes quite a few different items and is always thinking of what else she could do. Life is full of possibilities and we are only limited by our imagination and will to work. She gets that one from Uncle Rick.

Kimberly – keep crocheting a good life.

Love Dad and Mom

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