Cries(es) of Leadership

Seth Godin considers the new leaders to be heretics. (Tribes) In religious settings we eschew the label heretic. Although, the word becomes an incendiary device hurled toward anyone who does not espouse “my” orthodoxy, which of course is “the” orthodoxy.

Ed Stetzer is on record noting another malady – … Continue reading

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Tribal Leadership?

Eugene Cho offers some thoughts and questions based on a recent YouTube video. He asks, “Courage or Herd Mentality?” I am wondering what Godin would say, Tribal Leaderhsip?… Continue reading

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Riddle Me An Experience In the Economy of the Church

I have been listening to Leonard Sweet’s So Beautiful. David Phillips does a good job reviewing the book here. I confess I prefer print and paper. The thought of a Kindle has intrigued me. But, I like paper and print. Bibliophiles love books in their hands, on … Continue reading

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The Emerging (of) Ed Stetzer’s Postmodern Turn

Ed loves money quotes. Thought I would put it all in the post title.

turning_torso_3Recently Ed Stetzer spent some time in Oklahoma with a small group of Oklahoma Southern Baptists. He was here to help create a few teaching sessions for an upcoming small group emphasis, read Sunday School, … Continue reading

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Conference with Ed Stetzer

Friday I attended a conference hosted by our state convention. Ed Stetzer was the presenter and offered some good thoughts and good Twitter quotes. I have some longer thoughts I will get up soon. My working title, “Ed Stetzer exposes his postmodern turn – Missional Leadership.”… Continue reading

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