Intersecting Andy Stanley and Tony Jones – Uncertain and Confident

Uncertainty and forgiveness may get you fired? Reading over at Out of Ur this morning left me thinking of some of my own experiences. The writer points to Andy Stanley’s talk at Catalyst West about leadership in the throes of uncertainty as opposed to “wrinkle-free” environs. I was left … Continue reading

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Davis’ Straight Talk to Pastors and Churches

We sat in a Chili’s in south Dallas. Green at “church hunting.” Patty and me with Kimberly not a year old in tow. The “big” preacher offered us lunch. What is a poor student family to do? Eat of course. And we did.

Eventually this initial meeting led to … Continue reading

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Pragmatism and Missional Leadership

it is not uncommon for people to gather to discuss “best practices.” Rarely a week goes by without a piece of mail crossing my desk or an email solicitation touting  a way to increase attendance, giving or conversions. These goals tug at the embedded understanding of the kinds of … Continue reading

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Mom and Pop Churches … Musings of a Practical Missiologist

Ernest Goodman is at it again. He began a series on Mom and Pop Churches and has one more to go in the series. Ernest, for me, is a practical missiologist – he has experience beyond the borders of the United States.

Recently I read a few posts from … Continue reading

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Courage … Missional Leadership … Biblical Theological Seminary

There is an interesting conversation in Exodus 32. I have read the story over and again. The familiar story of Aaron “the artisan idol maker” offers some funny elements. For example, in the first part of the story the narrator tells us Aaron crafted a golden calf from the … Continue reading

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