Friday Photo – Multiple Reflections

Ryan N called me Monday evening. “Have you read Rob Bell’s new book?” I had just finished it a few days earlier. But, I have been reading the wildly divergent opinions about the book since “before” the book was released by HarperOne.

I find that many people prefer to … Continue reading

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The Way Questions Function

After a few items tackled this morning, I am off to do some manual labor. Pastors really don’t work. Or so I am told. In fact, I was recently asked by a PA what I do for a living. When I told him I was a Pastor he remarked … Continue reading

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Below the Surface with Rob Bell’s Love Wins

Another short tease. If Fitch is right, Bell’s book, Love Wins, could easily be an “irruption of the Real.” Now that does not mean to suggest Bell offers the “Real” theology, or that his book offers the “true/right story.” It does, however, mean that the antagonisms represented … Continue reading

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Rob Bell Reveals Antagonisms in Love Wins

David Fitch’s new book, The End of Evangelicalism may well provide something of a hermeneutical approach to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The quick tease. Fitch appropriates Zizek to offer a critique of “evangelicalism.” He takes the reader through Zizek and points out the way ideology functions. Once and … Continue reading

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Love Wins . . . And Continues to Win

Love has been in the news. Today we make some news of our own. Twenty-eight years ago to the day, Patty and I stood and expressed our love in two words, “I do.”

These years later we have filled out the meaning of those two words in ways we … Continue reading

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