Is It Possible for Everyone to Win in the SSM Debate? Bob Hyatt Thinks So

Sometimes we must choose against our natural impulses. In fact, Jesus describes his followers as those who always choose against their normal tendencies when he describes the way of self-denial. We Jesus followers, Christians, tend to think our way of self-denial should be the standard for all others. If … Continue reading

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You’re My Best Friend – 29/33

John Deacon wrote the lyrics to Queen’s, “You’re My Best Friend.” Freddie may have received the attention for his voice and long hair, but Veronica was in John’s mind as he wrote the words. This was the music of our day. That is, the days when … Continue reading

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2 Years and 8 Months – A Family Mashup

No April Fools here. Two years ago today we were in Eureka Springs, AK. We took in the sites, played golf, and hung out with family. But, we were there for something more. Tommie and Jason exchanged vows, rings, and commitments to one another.

No matter how much you … Continue reading

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Love Wins . . . And Continues to Win

Love has been in the news. Today we make some news of our own. Twenty-eight years ago to the day, Patty and I stood and expressed our love in two words, “I do.”

These years later we have filled out the meaning of those two words in ways we … Continue reading

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