A Complicated Pregnancy: A Conversation with Kyle Roberts

Some time ago a friend discovered I had been reading Jurgen Moltmann’s, The Crucified God. He suggested I leave Moltmann alone. If you know anything about me, that is like pouring gas on a fire.… Continue reading

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Risk Love

Tragedies deposit the seeds of fear. Once our vision of an improving world is shattered we build walls to ensure future horrors do not touch us. We sterilize our emotions, cauterizing our feelings. We feign empathy and compassion for we know what they look like, even if we do … Continue reading

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Can Never Repay . . . But Will Appreciate

My parents demonstrate generosity in a variety of ways. Over the years they have taken in young people who needed someone to show support and encouragement. Sacrificially they provided sundry needs. When it comes to their family they are always on the ready to help in any way they … Continue reading

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