Tragedies deposit the seeds of fear. Once our vision of an improving world is shattered we build walls to ensure future horrors do not touch us. We sterilize our emotions, cauterizing our feelings. We feign empathy and compassion for we know what they look like, even if we do not want to be vulnerable to their realities. We want safe.

These thoughts and more came rushing in as I began reading In Praise of Love in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. I have much more to work through and get down on paper or keyboard. In the meantime, here is a snippet from my recent post over at It is very hard to keep Advent at bay when considering the need for a world set right.

The implied question is not Mary did you know as much as it is, “Mary would you have agreed if you knew how your son would suffer?” Every parent understands risk. There are no guarantees during pregnancy. Even with technological advances, nothing is certain until that little one begins to cry. Suffering may come at any stage along the way.



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