Music Video

Sometimes Things Are Hard to Say – Avett Brothers

Words often do not come easy. Not just the three the Avett Brothers sing about. Too often we miss occasions to say what is important. Many reasons fill our minds. Then on occasion they are filled with regret.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it has become for the Church to say to the world, “I, Love, You.” Our cultural battles often leave us finding reasons not to love. And yet, in John 17 when Jesus reminds the disciples he sends them as he is sent we must remember he came to love. Now, what hard time are you having loving those we have been given to love.

Tears of the Saints – Leeland and MC3 Community Center

Debbie pointed me to this song and I found a number of videos. Len Sweet pointed to this version in his sermon on the Lectionary Texts for this past week.

Fidelity – Regina Spektor

What does it mean to love fully? Is it possible everyone asks this question?

Laughing with Regina Spektor

Interesting intersections when culture meets theology.