Technology is scant. Cell phone service is rare. The noise of the grand boys playing is constant. Days of cool rain refreshing.… Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Old Church in Creede, CO

People battle the heat in a variety of ways. When the seven-day forecast shows triple digits, I pull out the photos of Colorado. Creede is in the 60’s this week. It follows this time of year there is always the possibility of a rain shower in the afternoons there. … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Showing My Colors

20110527-051212.jpgRecently I was working in one of our flower beds. This beautiful butterfly joined me. Here she is showing off her colors.

Enjoy!… Continue reading

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Friday Photo … Drawn to the Light

Those little brown flying bugs that go by the name “June” provoke shrieks around our place. It may be Patty or one of the girls when they are over. Maybe these grubs turned flying nuisance appear in June in some places, but they have already shown up here in … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

I recently spotted this dragonfly spending quite a bit of time in Patty’s flower garden. The colors were quite interesting and while I had hoped to get a better shot with his wings completely open, this is one I liked for its focus and depth of field.

dragonflyContinue reading

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