The Drawback of Preventive Medicine

One may never know if Aspirin Therapy kept heart disease away if prescribed as preventive prior to any heart episode. And, . . . … Continue reading

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Nouwen on Surviving the Struggle of Life

The danger of individualism often exposes itself in struggle. Christian traditions flowing out of the Reformation place such a premium on “preisthood of all believers” the tendency is toward a hyper-individualism. Such a move gives me the privilege of “interpreting for myself,” “deciding for myself,” and “being responsible only … Continue reading

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Nouwen on Forgiveness

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. When we forgive a

person, the memory of the wound might stay with us for a

long time, even throughout our lives. Sometimes we carry the

memory in our bodies as a visible sign. But forgiveness

changes the way we remember. It converts

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