Sponsoring Conversations and Shout Outs

I have never owned a pair of Beats. When I was gifted my iPod years ago I used the provided earbuds. That was until just two years ago.

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Giveaway! Getting Ready for Fall and Winter

Here in Flyover Country it is still warm. But with the official start of Fall around the corner we must be properly prepared for those Blue Northers that will come sweeping down the plains. Read More

Need Glasses? Tommie Has a Pair for You

Our daughters are industrious. Kimberly began crocheting just after Cohen was born. She creates some popular pieces. I will break out my hats in a few short months. They will keep my head warm come winter.

Tommie just became the first Bon Look Ambassador in Oklahoma! She once worked for an optometrist, who wished she would come back to work. Her sense of style and her ability to make good recommendations made sense that she re-enter the world of eyes. Her online shop has opened. Tommie will begin hosting shows, or “Pop-up Shops,” in and around the Metro OKC area.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in stylish, even retro eyeglasses or sunglasses, click over and check out her online shop. You may even want to schedule a show of your own. You will not be disappointed.

Go “Like” her Facebook Page. You may access her Bon Look website from her Facebook page.

My Campaign Coordinators – Down to the Wire

My friend Jeff once told me, “All great men have two girls.” Now I understand his bias stemmed from the fact he is Daddy to two daughters. I also know he got this line from another of our friends who also has two daughters. If we are not great men because we have two daughters, don’t tell our daughters!

When Kimberly and Tommie found out I had made the Final Four of the SBC Voices Blog Madness Contest, 2012 Edition, they have worked a grassroots campaign to help Daddy win. If Cohen and Max could vote, their Mother’s would makes sure they did. Kimberly, to borrow an overused phrase, has taken her campaigning to “a whole nutha level.” Her move should give pause for future Santorum moves to derail the (not)momentum of Mitt Romney.

That’s right, she is trying to buy your votes! Well, not really. But she is offering an incentive to stop thinking about going over and voting and moving you beyond good intentions to action. If you have not seen her handiwork over at Oikoshandmade, then you need to go over and take a look. Here is her offer. Go over to SBC Voices and vote for her Daddy – Me! Then email her at oikoshandmade.com. You will be entered to win in her next “Help My Daddy Win” Giveaway. Even more, Read More

Hurry, Mother’s Day Giveaway – Oikoshandmade

Here’s the deal. There are 18 hours left in the latest giveaway at Oikoshandmade – ends at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. What have you chosen for “Mom” for Mother’s Day? Get in on this giveaway for a classic handmade Summer Chain Necklace.

The Rules

Head over to Oikoshandmade’s Facebook Fan Page. You receive one entry when you “Like” the page. Recommend Oikoshandmade to your Friends. Each friend who Like’s the page and leaves a comment that “you” suggested they “Like” the page will reward you with another entry. The more suggestions, the greater your chances.

If you are already a “Fan” of Oikoshandmade, suggest the page to your Friends. Each Friend who “Likes” the page earns you a chance in the giveaway. Remind your Friends to leave a comment that you “sent” them over.

What are you waiting for? Click on over!