Why a Southern Baptist pastor would consider the merits of postmodern philosophy

I would like to turn this into something longer but will simply offer a quote from Carl Raschke’s TheNext Reformation to see if I can garner some conversation partners first. Here is the quote,

The postmodernist preoccupation with popular culture, which many evangelical theologians disdain, is not necessarily an

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Rock, Paper, Scissors – Thoughts on Sectarian Theology

Now let’s see, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper and rock smashes scissors. We recently watched the Big Brother’s version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” I know, I know. Reality TV is not really real. Watching the interpersonal relationships is quite intriguing – especially when you throw in a half … Continue reading

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That’s Not My Ruler … Measuring Success

Sitting in a D.Min. seminar more than 15 years ago I recall thinking through how success is measured for those in ministry – particularly for pastors. All of my fellow students either pastored very large churches or served the staff of very large churches. Our little church had less … Continue reading

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