Prayers for Guatemala – Friday Photo

Soon we will make plans for our March trip to Guatemala to work with local pastors. Upon hearing of the recent earthquake I have been thinking of those young men who will serve the needs of those in their areas affected. Even if the quake were miles away, there … Continue reading

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Marty Duren Exposes the Fault Lines of Comparisons

We have two girls. To say that we are proud of them would be an understatement. They have matured and exhibit a good bit of individuation but desire to remain fully connected with their families. Kimberly and Tommie get interdependence.

Young ladies in our culture need champions when they … Continue reading

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Friday Photo On Saturday … Cohen and Marie

The rhythms of life include a variety of experiences. For pastors we often witness the highs and lows, the ups and downs. This week’s photos capture the intersection of those extremes. Marie holds Cohen. She prayed for Kimberly and Craig for the few years they hoped to have a … Continue reading

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John’s Decrease … And Our Own – An Advent Mashup for Pastors

Twenty years ago I published my first article. My mentor had a relationship with a magazine editor in charge of one of our denominational periodicals. Rick suggested to Richard that he should invite me to write a couple of articles. What to write? Then, as today, any hint of … Continue reading

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