Peter Rollins

The Morning After . . . Betrayal

What about the morning after? Often the phrase is associated with, You will feel better in the morning. Other times it is a reference to regret, You will pay for that in the morning. Read More

Linus’ Blanket, Peterson’s Bully, and Liturgical Escape

Amidst the various characters tossing bean bags, shooting angry birds, and many other games played during our Fall Festival, I noticed little Charlie Brown. Patty remarked that we should have recorded the annual replay of Charlie Brown’s, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and keep it for Cohen and Max. There is always next year.

Dr. Warren McWilliams, one of my theology professors at Oklahoma Baptist University back in the day, once mentioned, The Gospel According to Peanuts. The book, published in 1965, may be considered the forerunner to a modern genre of books where the author takes a popular movie, television series, or other cultural artifact and mines it for its implications. My friend Chris Seay wrote several books along these lines, The Gospel According to Tony Soprano, The Gospel Reloaded, The Tao of Enron, and The Gospel According to Lost.

Christians are not the only ones to find some connection with human experience, the world of ideas, and cultural icons.  Slovenian philosopher Slavo Zizek used a Three Stooges episode to explicate Sigmund Freud’s – id, ego, and super-ego.

So what of Linus’ blanket? Read More

Our Very Lives – Thoughts from the Edge

The Thoughts from the Edge podcast returns. Jesus turns the tables and asks a question of his questioners. On its face it seems to have little connection with what he had been asked. What is Matthew up to when he locates these two incidents side by side? Is there space of Pirate Communities? How would a reference to Levinas open up an occasion to consider a connection with the Epistle passage in 1 Thessalonians?

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Christianity As an Abstraction Misses the Resurrection – Peter Rollins in Monday’s Weekly Video

One must participate in the Insurrection in order to participate in the Resurrection, so asserts Peter Rollins. Since the publication of How [Not] to Speak of God by Peter Rollins through Paraclete Press, I have found Rollins’ critiques of Western forms of Christianity helpful when thinking about transformation.

Rollins’ second book, Fidelity of Betrayal, prompts a deep thinking when talking about those things to which we are faithful. I am awaiting the release of his new book which some see as “fighting” his first book in pressing Rollins’ project further.

This week’s “Weekly Video” is part 1 of Peter Rollins talk at Baylor University last year. Take some time to not only view part 1, but follow on to hear the full talk, I believe in four parts.

Every Baptist has to love the final illustration . . .

Who Are We?

If you have not clicked on and viewed this week’s “Weekly Video,” consider taking the less than five minutes to do so. One of my current favorite authors is dubbed into the video from a talk he gave. In our highly socialized, Facebook, world, he really asks us to consider not just “Who Are We?” but “Who Are We Wanting to Be?”