Friday Photo

I recently spotted this dragonfly spending quite a bit of time in Patty’s flower garden. The colors were quite interesting and while I had hoped to get a better shot with his wings completely open, this is one I liked for its focus and depth of field.

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More than Photography

Listen carefully to the first part of Taryn Simon’s presentation. Then follow as she works through her thesis. There are some important things underlying her project that help us in understanding the nature and benefit of thinking through semiotics.

Symbols and meaning are important. I was certainly struck by … Continue reading

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Tenba Shootout – Gift from Patty

Charlie bought a Tenba Shootout Camera bag several months ago. Initially I thought, “What a big camera bag!” My small camera bag would not hold any new lenses much less my laptop if I were out shooting on the road. Patty ordered one for my birthday and it arrived … Continue reading

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