Perspective – Friday Photo

Maybe it is fitting that the first occurrence of the term postmodern came in the field of architecture, at least according to some. Before responding to what we, Christian pastor-types, term calling, I hoped to become an architect. It was at the drafting table I learned the art … Continue reading

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The Emerging (of) Ed Stetzer’s Postmodern Turn

Ed loves money quotes. Thought I would put it all in the post title.

turning_torso_3Recently Ed Stetzer spent some time in Oklahoma with a small group of Oklahoma Southern Baptists. He was here to help create a few teaching sessions for an upcoming small group emphasis, read Sunday School, … Continue reading

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Conference with Ed Stetzer

Friday I attended a conference hosted by our state convention. Ed Stetzer was the presenter and offered some good thoughts and good Twitter quotes. I have some longer thoughts I will get up soon. My working title, “Ed Stetzer exposes his postmodern turn – Missional Leadership.”… Continue reading

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Newsweek, Mohler and David Phillips

My friend David offered some thoughts on a recent blog post by Al Mohler on recent research. His conversation with Jon Meacham of Newseek is also worth checking out. What do you think of David’s analysis? What of Mohler and Newbigin?

For my two cents, David Fitch is spot … Continue reading

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Reading with Fitch and Holsclaw

Recently I committed to review several books for I intended to get about four books over the course of a year. I received Pete Gall’s My Beautiful Idol and wrote a couple of posts. Not long after I received about five books. I will get to them … Continue reading

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