Maybe it is fitting that the first occurrence of the term postmodern came in the field of architecture, at least according to some. Before responding to what we, Christian pastor-types, term calling, I hoped to become an architect. It was at the drafting table I learned the art of perspective. Elevation drawings take different appearances dependent upon your point of reference.

The road leading away from the Last Chance Mine looks fairly simple from the perspective sitting in the Jeep. It even appears the road disappears into the trees. From this position the road looks plenty wide and not too rough. But, there are things you do not see.

From a vantage point just above the bunkhouse at the Last Chance Mine the road looks much different. Rather than straight, you notice its curves. The first photo gives the impression the aspens line the road with great depth, the edge is not near. Yet, from a place much higher than the road grade you see the road runs along a mountainside.

Sometimes we Christians fear perspective. We want a one size fits all. What I encountered as a young boy growing up in a Christian family, a half-block from the church we attended is much different than the young man who grew up estranged from a parent, always wary of those people from the local church.

Perspective is important.



“Perspective” – Copyright 2012 Todd Littleton

“Perspective 2” – Copyright 2012 Todd Littleton

“Perspective 3” – Copyright 2012 Todd Littleton


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