Imprisoned Souls, They Don’t Know It: Cross-podcast featuring Jeffrey C. Pugh

Separated from brothers and sisters. Not quite the way you would expect someone to describe looking in the face of hate-filled neo-Nazis. But, that is what a day of reflection does to you.… Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Nursing some soreness after Round 2 of Shockwave Lithotripsy. While the doctor did not mention how it might feel, my friend Charlie told me I might feel like I am passing a stone from time to time. Patty put it in perspective. “You had a lot of stones in … Continue reading

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Maybe I Need a Tent

When Tommie worked the late shift at Starbucks a few years ago we thought Pepper Spray was a good idea. You never know who might lurk in the parking lot after close. We would talk about actions to take in the event a stranger decided to become an unwanted … Continue reading

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