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Nursing some soreness after Round 2 of Shockwave Lithotripsy. While the doctor did not mention how it might feel, my friend Charlie told me I might feel like I am passing a stone from time to time. Patty put it in perspective. “You had a lot of stones in there.”

Hope you enjoy your Saturday.

Join the Protest, “Christ Is Risen” – “Not a bad post election thought for weary pilgrims.”

Reflections from Sunday – Jesus Critiques the Church Cultus? – “My lingering question, “What sort of thinking would Jesus critique in the Church Cult?” And, by cult I do not mean in the sense of heresy or heterodoxy. Instead I mean cultus, community. Surely there are ways in which the Church today allies with the systems and structures that betray Jesus’ words that his Kingdom is not from this world, does not conform to the patterns of this world.”

Church As Elixir – “If the Church manifests in its body the manner and way of Jesus, then maybe we still have the opportunity to change the base substance of our world. Instead of choosing an option that, from the outside, looks as much like the fear everyone faces; we could offer a substantive hope in the Name of Jesus. Participate in your community of faith in a way that the Church becomes the elixir for the world in the way Jesus changed the base substance from hope to fear for all in his life, death, and resurrection.”

You Cannot Blame Us for Trying –  “What came to my mind is the way words work. The parable of the Samaritan we often refer to as Goodcalls into question ethnic barriers to serving others. Or, Matthew 25 pokes holes in selective service rendered in the Name of Jesus. But, threaten the status quo relationship with the Republican Party on the issue of Immigration in Alabama and those stories, parables, and real life encounters with Jesus take a back seat to expediency.”

Shockwave Lithotripsy – “Lesson: Drink lots of water and lemonade, lots and lots and lots . . .”

Boundaries – Friday Photo

David “@fitchest” Points to Material Realities In Proclamation

Fitch and Holsclaw offer four proclamations as starters to proclamation in our neighborhoods.

  • God Is Reconciling You In All Your Relationships
  • God Is At Work
  • God Has Put the Power of Sin to Death and Is Calling You Into Life
  • God Is Calling You Into Mission

World Prematurity Day – More Issues of Life – “Healthcare remains in the news. The effects of a lack of insured women prompt many in poverty to consider abortion an option. Many advocates hoping to curb the need for abortion do not spend a great deal of time talking about the effects of poverty. Were more to see the relationship between abortion and poverty we might see poverty figure more prominently in conservative political platforms.”

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