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OU put on their own surge in the second half and is putting Iowa State away to get back in the win column. Last  night I enjoyed the home opener for the OKC Thunder. Despite the chatter about chemistry and Harden’s first two games with the Rockets, the Thunder look ready to defend their Western Conference title while Dwayne Wade thought their game should have been cancelled rather than stand 1-1 after Carmello played well for the Knicks.

On the personal front. Scheduled another lithotripsy to bust up kidney stones in the left kidney. Kidney Stone Event 2012 may be over after two months come November 18. Hoping so. We need another good freeze to knock the weed pollen out. The allergies linger on. I am working through a number of books, print and ebook. Hoping to get some reviews up soon.

Here are this week’s posts you may have missed.

Race Is No Longer an Issue? or, Maybe My SBC Friends Will Rethink Our Progress – “Tad Delay pointed to research released that calls into question the notion we have gotten better with regard to racial sentiments in our Country. Tad begins his post noting the news,

Walter Benjamin once famously said, “Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution.” This is the type of thing that naturally concerns anyone interested in the health of a society. Tavis Smiley rightly predicted this would be the most racist election since the ’60s (voter suppression and all). By now everyone has heard of the research showing Obama lost 2-4% because of race in 2008, and a new poll by AP shows the problem is getting worse. It’s no surprise that anti-black attitudes rise during the past 4 years. Sad, but not surprising at all.

Contributing to Gospel Husbands – Why? – “Joshua Breland invited me to write for a website he startedGospel Husbands. I confess to the feeling that gospel as an adjective sounds a lot like biblical, like we know what we are talking about – experts if you will. That could not be farther from the truth, even reality. But, in the same vein that John Frye considers Jesus the best model for pastor, Joshua believes the Way of Jesus is instructive for husbands. In that way, the site is intended to connect husbands to Jesus in a way that celebrates and encourages.”

Viewing Reviews of Rachel Held Evans’ – “Today on the Out of Ur blog Matt Mikalatos offered keen insight into reviewing books. I found his illustrations both telling and important. It is not uncommon to be taken out of context. But, when one is scolded for a lack of context by herself being taken out of context it seems to render the verdict unjustifiable, even if the psychology of disagreement is in tact.”

Amidst Recent Claims of Misreading the Bible . . .  – “We are on our way to a round this morning. As it turns out, my quarterly round of golf. Or so it seemsIf if you cannot get out and enjoy the weather, click over and read Scot’s recent book recommendation. The timing is interesting given the varied reactions to Rachel Held Evans recent book.”

No Parking – Friday Photo

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