Radical Faithfulness

During Holy Week Barry tweeted,

What is our cultural signifier? What habit or practice would approximate foot washing today that at the same … Continue reading

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Learning from the Wilsons or, Scanning Is Different from Reading

I am bracing myself. Jeff notified me SBC Voices would be running another guest post derived from my series, Ruled Out of Order. The stand alone post carries the title, Needed: Prophets Not Protectors. It is my renamed Part 2. It posted midday last Friday.

There were … Continue reading

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Rob Bell – Reading is Fundamental

In the “Video of the Week”  widget to the right is a Bell clip I listened to on Scot McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed. Listen to the end. My thoughts from the beginning. And, I did read the book.… Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Multiple Reflections

Ryan N called me Monday evening. “Have you read Rob Bell’s new book?” I had just finished it a few days earlier. But, I have been reading the wildly divergent opinions about the book since “before” the book was released by HarperOne.

I find that many people prefer to … Continue reading

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Six Years Later . . . The Early Conspirator

To say six years lapsed in a town our size without ever crossing Lyle’s path would be inaccurate. School events always put us in proximity. I am sure we chatted here and there.

Late in the summer of 2002 Lyle, Evette, and Nathan began visiting Snow Hill. Natalie had … Continue reading

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