Saturday I took my two sons – yes I can count them both even if one will not be offical for a few weeks – to see Watchmen. For quite some time in the aftermath of the viewing I thought to myself, “Odd. Weird.” I could not quite put … Continue reading

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Inclusive Reading, Better Reading

Sitting in a room full of pastor/preacher types exposed again the necessity of variety. At a poignant moment in our conversations one astute observer reminded us all we were engaged in a hegemonic conversation. We were all white, relatively the same age – give or take a dozen years. … Continue reading

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Reading with Fitch and Holsclaw

Recently I committed to review several books for I intended to get about four books over the course of a year. I received Pete Gall’s My Beautiful Idol and wrote a couple of posts. Not long after I received about five books. I will get to them … Continue reading

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