Rob Bell

Rob Bell Reveals Antagonisms in Love Wins

David Fitch’s new book, The End of Evangelicalism may well provide something of a hermeneutical approach to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The quick tease. Fitch appropriates Zizek to offer a critique of “evangelicalism.” He takes the reader through Zizek and points out the way ideology functions. Once and … Continue reading

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What Would Lyle Say About the Rob Bell Stir?

I imagine a lively discussion with Lyle over Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. There is little doubt we would chat about the implications of Rob’s recent round of interviews as we awaited the arrival of the book from Amazon. Like everyone else we would consider his statements … Continue reading

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Resurrection Changes Everything – Rob Bell Video

For those of us who believe in the Resurrection of Jesus we cannot overstate the extent to which it changes everything. In fact, the Church has long celebrated the Resurrection in her Sunday worship. For many who follow the Christian Seasons Calendar, Sunday begins Eastertide. That is, a time … Continue reading

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Pardon the Interruption – Rob Bell Alert

Provocative book titles quickly get my attention. When Nathan told me about Rob Bell and Don Golden’s new book the title grabbed me quickly – Jesus Wants to Save Christians.

Growing up in a conservative evangelical denomination, a group that would eschew the connection to “evangelical” back in … Continue reading

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